CE marking and (DOP) declaration of performance in accordance with the provisions of current legislation (Regulation 305/11, UNI EN 1090-1 and related standards).

A complete range with all prices shown of wooden skirting boards, shaped, sized and with essences for every need.

Blindoser proposes a wide choice of mosquito nets perfect to protect any type of environment and able to adapt to any door or window.

Modern sophisticated designs, able to enhance any environment, every Blindoser sectional door is designed to save space and give more freedom of movement both inside and outside of the garage.

Certified Blindoser Fire doors with a flexible opening system: to open them, you can either push or pull from right and left. Two DIN hinges with ‘eight’ pass-through adjustable pins, with closing springs; every door comes equipped with quality Certification.

Eclisse have developed an elegant, practical alternative to conventional hinged doors – a framework that forms part of the wall and allows your doors to slide effortlessly inside the walls freeing up all the space that the door arc takes out of service.

The Blindoser flush wall doors  can be opened from the outside, with an intelligent push/open system, while the invisible swing flush doors can be opened by pushing or pulling always remaining flush with the wall. The doors are equipped with a magnetic lock suitable for every handle.

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